My Rainbow Dreams

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Love Is Kind ♥

Love is patient, love is kind ♥ And what our loves express is true :) No amount of tragedy can tear or break the love i have for you :> Time has healed our many wounds, but has not erased the memory. But we'll hold on, we'll stay together. We will get through this, you and me ♥ Though we are young and still learning about ourselves, our world today, In my heart, i'll always love you, and in my heart you'll always stay :D As days go by, as time progresses! We will change, mature, and always grow but as we grow, as we rise, there is one thing i will always know ♥ My love for you will never die, never earse, for it's always true with love comes patience, but it's worth the wait to share my unending love with you ♥